Stella & The yellowSUITCASE

Áine Belton and Mochammad Hasrul Indrakabati

Extrinsic Border

“…there is a third type of line, stranger still, as though something were carrying us away, through our segments but also across our thresholds, towards an unknown destination, neither pre-existent nor foreseeable.” (Deleuze 2002:67)

Extrinsic Border is the first project of Stella & The yellowSUITCASE, representing Áine Belton (Margate-UK) and Mochammad Hasrul Indrabakti (Jakarta-Indonesia).

Departing from the idea of informal greetings, both artists were exploring two forms of experimental collaborative project: “UnDiscover Margate: performative walk Margate/Jakarta street collage installation” and “Koper Identitas”.

Artists in collaboration: 

Áine Belton
Mochammad Hasrul Indrabakti

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——————————Extrinsic Border Finalisation:
“UnDiscover Margate: performative walk Margate/Jakarta street collage installationStarting from an arts building, Limbo-Margate to seafront location, Lido-Margate. Áine Belton will act as the tour guide to bring the tourist for a walk with fictional, imaginative, historical stories that linking Margate and Jakarta as the twin location around overlooked area around Margate. This performance will continue in Jakarta on the next day as if the audience has been traveled to Jakarta. Mochammad Hasrul Indrabakti will continue the reverse performance starting from sea front location of Sunda Kelapa port-Jakarta and will end at Museum Fatahillah as an art building in Jakarta.In Margate, each audience will receives a yellow bag contain ticket, map and postcard as a means to complement the performance with the idea of constructing their imaginative mind of a non-familiar place.As part of the performative walk, audiences were invited to engage with the performance and street collage installation by being present as tourists.In reverse with Margate, each audience in Jakarta will not receives a complete of additional material as the complementary performance. Rather than becoming the witness, audiences in the end were engaged and merged in becoming “the guide” through mind interpretation of the “traces” of collages from Margate that linking Margate and Jakarta.Although it seems to be related as their twin location, both artists performance were not being integrated each other’s as it was not circumcised to be an exact narratives plot as their counterpart. But rather suggesting what Marc Auge (1995:79) refer as “palimpsests” – “the scrambled game of identity and relations is ceaselessly rewritten” to identify the correlation of their counterpart.Through both of these performative walks, audiences’ minds were disassembled; their factual personal histories were replaced with an experience that Lyotard describes as “Vesania or ‘systematic’ madness: The soul is transferred to a quite different standpoint, so to speak, and from it sees all objects differently.” (Lyotard 1989:212)
Watch ‘Undiscover Margate’ – a video of the performance in Margate
Watch ‘Undiscover Margate’ – a video of the performance in Jakarta where the same pieces were installed around similar spots.

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New work on sale at “Evolution” show

I’m delighted to be part of the “Evolution” show opening tomorrow at North York Arts Centre on Yonge Street near Sheppard Avenue West. Evolution (Four years together) is mixed-media art exhibit that celebrates the artwork done by Art Starts’ Platform A micro-grant recipients, 2013-17. There’ll be spoken word, videos, documentaries, African dance, belly dance, hip-hop dance, drag show, visual arts, sculptures and much more. The evening promises to be very lively and will be my first time seeing so many artists’ work together blending cultures and embracing community!

About my work:

Surface Excess is about the layers of time that pass us on a daily basis. Combining images of nature, a city in passing and humanity together through 35mm double exposure photography allows the blending of ever changing materials into one succinct metaphor. Existence and an acknowledgement of temporality are ideas in conversations using the motifs of leaves, color, light, shadow, form and landscape. The use of analogue materials (35mm film) is essential to the authentic layering of passing moments in time.Using the tactile quality of film makes me appreciate how precious each negative is, there only being 24 or 36 exposures per roll. It is through the medium of film photography that I must calculate each negative per roll of film, to understand not to be trigger-happy, to be as calm and appreciative of moments in time and to candidly record them, to remember that to make a good photo, you have to live or aspire to live in that frame or that perfect moment in passing. Otherwise, what worth is there to being behind the lens?

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Opening Reception July 6th
Time: 6 pm to 8 pm

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