Double Exposures: Stage 2 location photography

I finished up the last round of portrait photography in the middle of March and now I’m meeting participants one on one to talk about their chosen location. My bicycle has been taken on 4 journeys around Toronto. We’ve been very lucky with the weather for some photo shoots whilst other times needed to be rescheduled. IMG_20170318_124706782_HDR.jpg

On the first weekend of April I journeyed with Lee to Kensington market nice and early on Sunday morning. Lee’s shots consisted of the colorful street art and alleyways of Kensington. We took some snaps of the sculptural gardens and installations along the way too. That same afternoon I travelled to Dundas West to meet Jess and photograph the bike trail that she lives near and also taught a friend to cycle on. Regardless of where you travel to in Toronto there’s been some outstanding, funky graffiti.

I’m fresh from a beautiful trip to the Don Valley with Marcus, we visited the bridge near to where he had many adventures as a child. Marcus pointed out parts of the landscape that has since been redeveloped into housing. The nature hasn’t changed too much, one could find deer footprints along the path by the water. Later in the afternoon I met Andrew, aka Pie and we cycled all the way out to the charming lighthouse at Leslie Spit. The view of Toronto was remarkable, you could see Hamilton, Mississauga and even a bit of the Scarborough Bluffs.


Yesterday, Christopher met me at Cherry Street BBQ and we cycled through the marina area to get a view of the CN Tower, skyline and boats in the water. Tina and I met in Jack Goodlad park where she showed me the trail that she enjoys that was part of her childhood. The were some beautiful lilac snowdrop close-ups beside the metal bridge over the railway that were a stunning surprise. We also flipped the camera over to take some unusual compositions of the landscape.

Friday the 14th is when I’ll meet John next 🙂 We’re heading to another bike path that is just 20min away from where I live, shame on me for never having been there before!

Meet some more Double Exposure participants

I’d my 3rd workshop this weekend just past (March 4th) at bikeSauce. Below are the film rolls of fellow cyclists Jennifer, Erica and Christopher. I’ve been doing short presentations to show my participants the successful way to plan their double exposure. We’ve had a range of setups from white backgrounds to grey and even using the tools and backdrop of bikeSauce, every workshop so far has offered me a terrific range of cyclist explorers!

Excuse the quick snaps taken on my phone, the real photos of participants will be ready hopefully in May 🙂

Double Exposure workshops have begun!

On February 25th, I’d my first workshop of portraits on 35mm film – here are Ali, Brian, Lee and Marcus, resting in their little film containers 🙂 Big thanks to bikeSauce for the use of their space! There’s a total of four 1st stage photographs to capture the portraits of my participants before re-loading the film back into my camera for their 2nd stage location photograph. Every participant fills a roll of 24 exposures, many chances for their double exposure portrait!


Double Exposure project deadline!

February 15th is the last opportunity to get involved with my double exposure photography project! If you are on the waitlist you will be notified of any available positions in the next coming days. Volunteers are very welcome to assist 🙂 You’ll get a FREE copy of the book for assisting, email for more information on dates.

Happy Valentines Day! Here’s a double exposure experiment of my partner with a maple leaf 🙂 Excuse the rough scan, I am updating my driver asap.


Call for participants -Double Exposure photography book

Hello to all my fellow bicycle enthusiasts and art loving friends,

Want to be featured in a book about being a cyclist in Toronto?
I’m looking for participants for my photography book project.

You get a FREE copy of the book. Check out my work in the Double Exposure page on this site. Email me if you have any questions –

Thank you,





News for 2017!

I am delighted to announce that my project Double Exposure has been selected for Art Starts Microgrants 2017!



Double Exposure

Ward 30 Toronto-Danforth
Creating a participatory photographic double-exposure project assembled through the eyes of cyclists rediscovering parts of our vibrant city, while defining what sense of belonging, sense of place and sense of self are.

“This micro-grant will enable me to combine art, my passion for cycling and making more connections with communities in Toronto.”

A big thank you to Art Starts, Platform A and bikeSauce for supporting my project.

Click here for more information about Art Starts

Cracked on the Rock – A Mad Pride Zine

In recognition of Mad Pride Day, Andrea White invited artists and writers to unite to submit to a publication dealing with issues about mental health in Canada. My artwork was selected for the front cover of the publication. There is a 2nd Mad Pride Zine open to submissions currently.

The artwork is based on found photographic slides that look like they date from the mid 1970s and are from the English coastline…somewhere. I took the title of the cover literally and created a digital collage that used a pin-up girl on a very rocky beach. The results are below…


Andrea’s zine has been of interest to the local paper – click here