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*For more examples of film experiments please check my Collaborative work, M.A. work and Lost In RGB.

Whilst I had studying Film and Psychoanalysis in The Donnybrook Therapy Centre i’ve encountered an area of potential interest. The last class we had dealt with the levels of consciousness; Freud determined that there were three of these. The first was the preconscious followed by the subconscious and then the deepest and darkest of them all, the unconscious. His views are contrasted by Klein who seemed to take a more generic and flatter approach to the topic. Anyway I was thinking about how this relates to art, specifically experimental video editting – where the process speaks more about the images you determine for the viewer. To be even more at hand i’d be relating this to personal footage. Quite specific and may be limited but easier to understand (I think) given that it’s real life experience being discussed.

I’ve been interested in exploring the mediums of film and video for years. When it comes to experimenting with these mediums, my needs are insatiable. About 20% of the footage I use is found footage from either my family video archive of converted Super 8 film (1980s-1990s), Hi8 footage from an ex of mine (range of family footage) and my own digital video footage from various projects over these past 6 years.

Thematic issues:

My subjects vary from psychoanalysis, visual metaphors, fear, horror, the distance of reality and dream, nostalgia and memory. Partial Data Loss is about the distance of relationships and the capacity of memory. It’s a Party is about the experience of memory and how one incident can alter the quality of a memory as a whole. It’s a theory I came across from watching a documentary on TED that examined the outlooks people have with memory and experience being separated from each other.

It’s a Party, super 8 still

Super 8 footage converted to digital video, 14 sec, banjo in stereo.

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/20447410]

Partial Data Loss

Digital video/audio, 55sec.

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/29730386]

Recent Posts

New work on sale at “Evolution” show

I’m delighted to be part of the “Evolution” show opening tomorrow at North York Arts Centre on Yonge Street near Sheppard Avenue West. Evolution (Four years together) is mixed-media art exhibit that celebrates the artwork done by Art Starts’ Platform A micro-grant recipients, 2013-17. There’ll be spoken word, videos, documentaries, African dance, belly dance, hip-hop dance, drag show, visual arts, sculptures and much more. The evening promises to be very lively and will be my first time seeing so many artists’ work together blending cultures and embracing community!

About my work:

Surface Excess is about the layers of time that pass us on a daily basis. Combining images of nature, a city in passing and humanity together through 35mm double exposure photography allows the blending of ever changing materials into one succinct metaphor. Existence and an acknowledgement of temporality are ideas in conversations using the motifs of leaves, color, light, shadow, form and landscape. The use of analogue materials (35mm film) is essential to the authentic layering of passing moments in time.Using the tactile quality of film makes me appreciate how precious each negative is, there only being 24 or 36 exposures per roll. It is through the medium of film photography that I must calculate each negative per roll of film, to understand not to be trigger-happy, to be as calm and appreciative of moments in time and to candidly record them, to remember that to make a good photo, you have to live or aspire to live in that frame or that perfect moment in passing. Otherwise, what worth is there to being behind the lens?

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Opening Reception July 6th
Time: 6 pm to 8 pm

Facebook link to the event – click here

Exhibition Days
July 7th to 26th

Gallery Hours
Tuesdays to Fridays
1 pm to 6 pm

Toronto Centre for the Arts
North York Arts
5040 Yonge St, North York, ON M2N 6R8


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