Moving Image Installations

Lost in RGB (2008-2009)

This was the project I undertook for my B.A. I explored my fascination with the moving image and the immersive theories surrounding moving image installation. The page starts from the first stages of development and works towards my B.A. show in I.A.D.T, Dun Laoghaire.


December 2008

Digital video, 1.5minutes.

This project concerns the psychological and physical attachments a spectator can have when viewing a video or film installation. Visually available worlds, particularly video installations often represent constructed realities. Whether these worlds are fiction or documentary, there are still basic techniques used and there is a loss of time within these worlds that remains uncalculated. It is entirely up to the spectator to maintain recognition of this fine line of immersion in illusion. This can  be seen as an exploration of reality, external and internal from the experience of the spectator.

Disavowal, or the process of denial of association or representation, concerns itself with the moment of illusion.

Corner projection, installation shots:




Verisimilitude marks the end of a two year attempt at finishing the image and reality themed works. By combining the video In/Out (2008), Duration (2007) and my video piece Disavowal which has been re-edited (2009) I have finished a trilogy of pure digital footage based around technology, reliance and absorption of environment. Verisimilitude concerns itself with the belief, quality and appearance of truth and reality.

An integral part of my work is the fine line of illusion and reality which I feel has been compromised by the ever changing improvements of technology. Within my installations I challenge the spectator to reconsider the impact of constructed images that surround us on a day to day basis.

Static/State is a step further with experimenting with the apparatus of the camera (shutter speed and aperture) to absorb the space of the screen and its transmissions.

Static/State, digital video, 5min.

The Lost in RGB video installation was exhibited at the I.A.D.T. Graduate Show on campus.

Lost in RGB stills

5min, digital video, projected with audio.

Abstract from show:

‘The artwork that I create examines the levels of immersion experienced by the spectator within moving image installation. An integral part of my work is the fine line of illusion and reality. Within my installations I challenge the spectator to reconsider the impact of constructed images that surround us on a day to day basis. Lost in RGB is meant to signify the sensing and representation of moving images. It is my own live and recorded video experience of being immersed in making works which seduce the mind of the spectator. My work is a combination of the fascination of prosthetic devices of vision and the engulfing of spaces by moving image installation. With exploration of the space between the projection, the spectator and the screen, I am attempting to submerge the spectator into a universe of imagery.’ 

To see a short clip of the video projection see below:

Recent Posts

Double Exposure: Cyclists of Toronto (2017)


Aine Belton_Double Exposure book launch_1_LR

Arrangement of books in bicycle toast rack

Now that the project is just about finished I have a limited number of books available for sale. Cost is $15 and you can email me at for more information on making an order. More information can be found below or if you click here.

About the book:

This photography book features 35mm film double exposure portraits of 16 cyclists and their favourite places to cycle in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. I am indebted to the 16 wonderful people that you will meet in this book.

Portraits of the 16 participants:



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