Collage Poetry

Newspaper text and collage fragments:

This idea has evolved from my earlier work about redacting text to using a ‘hasty cut and paste’ method to assemble new text/image based on dated news.

Most of the image and text are assembled from newspapers because I find quirks when I scan the articles and stories for words/phrases, titles, and adverts. The excerpts or fragments of the news of our times are then reconfigured to (sometimes) an absurd mass of contradictions or accumulation of media bombardment. Dimensions of these pieces vary from being 3 x 6cm, sizes are unique to each piece.

For the future I plan to create a short novel based around the characters of ‘Today’ and ‘Tomorrow’ as well as a short collection of poetry.

My current work of 2013 involves a return to novels and taking segments of pages, this time shapes. Below you will see collage poetry consisting of the top right hand corner of pages from a book (title unknown at this moment) sliced up in equal triangular pieces.

Approach To A Good Sense Of Humour


The Nature Of Innovation

In A Class Of Its Own

Political Affect

We Do Everything Together Tryptch



Credit Adjustment


Work from 2013:

This is a quick preview of works in progress from my studio.


Punch Drunk (30 x 30cm)

Belton_Punch drunk

In The Corner (30 x 30cm)

Belton_In the corner


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