Redacted Text Project: Blanking in the Fills

Blanking in the fills has advanced from redacting novels to newspapers, online news archives, collage poetry (click here for collage poetry page) and children’s’ books. What I find most engaging about the process is the ability to reform or alter the sequence of words, pages can take sometimes minutes to days to recompose. The process is demanding and decisions are sometimes excruciating as the pages do not often have many options.

The redacted aesthetics of the piece suggest Freudian senses of repression of consciousness (Hannibal Tryptch (IV)), a filtering that we go through to protect ourselves from things we think are dangerous. The original function of the novel has been removed and reorganized, and so there is no true order to the pages.

Hannibal Tryptch (IV)

Cryptic Rip Trick is an example of avoidance and time management. I began to redact the words in the draft of an academic paper to improve upon the introduction.

Cryptic Rip Trick

Origin: January 2011

The idea came from a book I found in my garage during the summer. It was an old piece of ‘chick lit’ from 1979.It’s a romanticised novel spanning two World Wars, a womanising rich son and a nanny. It’s a project which is similar to solving a puzzle. One is presented with a page of words and the task is to either improve (well, that’s my opinion of what i’m achieving) or totally saturate the novel in absurdity. The most enjoyable part of this project is unearthing words which when combined have more substance than expected. I’ve found a few so far and here are some examples.


*This piece was featured in No-wave Magazine, a free Canterbury arts and literary publication (issue 4 2012).

The Momentum Of ESC (made especially for ESC Zine)

A Space Odyssey: So Long Mr. Prime Minister


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