Publications & literary work

Below you can find the article I wrote Hamish Fulton: Walk On By which was published in No-Wave Magazine issue 4, April/May 2012.

You can download it by clicking here for the PDF.

Also here’s Oh Francis Issue 2 (2009), it’s a Dublin based cultural delight.

Issue theme:

‘What happens in the space between?
An interval, undefined, opens for interrogation, articulation of meaning or indeed revolution, however archaic the term may be. The space may manifest, dissipate or be inevitably illusory, it is how one decides to navigate the lull of boundaries between here, there, this and that. Meaning is in between. Season 2 will be made up of many parts.’

On pages 61 and 62 you can read the poetry that Jessica Maybury wrote to go with my imagery.

Here’s a download of the magazine in its entirety – Oh Francis – Part 2

Liminal                                                                                                    Mean and Median


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