Exploring the Don Valley

Erica’s location took me on the trail paths of the Don Valley not too far away from the Prince Edward Viaduct (about a 20min ride). I’d been there previously with Marcus for his location photos. Both sites on the Don Valley were quite different from each other. Marcus’ location included scenery of apartment buildings which were built on land that he played on as a child. Erica chose the Elevated Wetlands (I was later to hear of a different title – Taylor Creek Park) as it is part of her commuting life. The trail path along this route has charming artwork of fish, streams and bicycles with words of encouragement. You’ll see some of the Don River making it’s way into my photographs. You wouldn’t think that this scene of natural beauty has a mixed soundtrack of the passing vehicles on the Don Valley Parkway (DVP) as well as the gushing motion of the river.

Don Valley Trail Path/Taylor Creek Park

What I enjoyed most about this visit (back in late April) was coming off of the path to get closer to the stream. I couldn’t see very much in the water, it moved so swiftly but I can only imagine that the fish, amphibians and insects are moving in sync with the cars on the DVP.



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