Assembling and scanning negatives


The last few weeks have been very busy with getting all the processed negatives of my 16 participants digitized. I’ve special cotton gloves for loading and unloading the filmstrip holder – it takes 6 negatives and I pass the strip through an OpticFilm 7300 scanner. SilverFast has been a great program to work with, I’ve been able to spot any dust or scratches and balance the tones between the layers of images on film. I didn’t want to have to use Photoshop other than for repairing any deep scratches and changing the CMYK color profile for print. SilverFast has given me more control with the balance of light and gradation with these strips of film. In total, I spent more time scanning the negatives and perfecting the light more than any other task in the project.

Here’s a photo of a test negative I’ve stuck to my living room window. It inspires me to move positions and re-frame the image in the negative 🙂 Lots of ideas have come about since having this little reminder at my desk.



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