The Journey to War

I’m delighted and ever so grateful to DAD for inviting me to participate in the ‘Joined up Project’. It is an exciting First World War commemorative project across the Dover District. 12 organisations are participating in this two-year project which ends in April 2016. The Dover Museums and Arts Group (also known as DMAG for short) came together in December 2012 to work on this heritage project utilising the knowledge, resources and experiences of museums and artists alike.

I was commissioned by Dover Arts Development (DAD for short) in July 2014 to work with Dover Transport Museum’s WW1 objects. This partnership with the museum and DAD allowed me to develop a contemporary art project using the museum’s three WW1 objects in their collection. Such objects were a WW1 Sunbeam bicycle, a Pierce-Arrow lorry (used by the British army for transporting supplies and ammunition), and a replica of a Bleriot II celebrating the first flight made across the English Channel. Over a few visits and conversations with the managers and volunteers of Dover Transport Museum, my project ‘The Journey to War’ was solidified. The aim of this partnership and research was to create a ‘resource’ or art object for the public and the museum to have forever in their collection. It was clear that the best resource for the Dover Transport Museum would be a kids’ activity book on the WW1 objects. This combined both my interest in artist books, education and illustration. The outcome was a 48pp a5 full colour book for children ages 7-11. Inside the book, children can find games and guides for reflecting on their visit to these WW1 objects and learn about how important a town Dover was in the war.

About Dover Transport Museum:
Dover Transport Museum houses a collection of vintage transport and transport models of all types, aiming to help preserve the transport heritage of Dover and further afield.

Project link:

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