Áine Belton featured in the new issue of Viersome

I have had exciting news about being selected for the new issue of Viersome alongside…

Mark O’Leary, John Kearns, and David Toms

I can’t wait to see this new issue and how all the work relates to each other.

Here is Viersome’s great website showing their publishing history:

Veer Books comes out of the activities at Birkbeck College’s Contemporary Poetics Research Centre (CPRC), and aims to publish a range of unconforming writing in poetry and poetics, including some texts that other publishers might view as experimental.

Operating between Birkbeck College and the University of Surrey, Veer Books have been encouraging new work in poetry and poetics since 2003. We have been seeking to create an audience for the now nearly 100 titles we have published through conferences, workshops and readings in a variety of contexts and locations. We remain open to work that challenges without preconceptions.

Veer Books are William Rowe, Ulli Freer, Stephen Mooney, Aodán McCardle, Piers Hugill and Adrian Clarke.



2 thoughts on “Áine Belton featured in the new issue of Viersome

  1. Dear Aine,
    i couldn’t find an mail-adress of you so i’m writing you here. My name is Kerstin, i’m from Germany and I’m supporting the environmental project “CLEANRIVERPROJECT.DE” founded by Stephan Horch (photo designer and hobby canoeists). He collects waste from rivers while paddling and makes curious pictures of that waste (see http://www.cleanriverproject.de). In September he will canoe from the river Moselle to Renesse in the Netherlands. Along the way from Moselle to the North Sea he will exhibit 10th of the photos from the beginning of 6th September 2015 until February 2016 in several exhibition sites to call more attention to the global problem of water pollution.
    To finance this project, there will be starting a crowdfunding project in the next few days. I’ve created an artwork/illustration for the crowdfunding implying a quote of you (“You are always rich when you can see and feel the beauty of this world”). My question is now if it’s o.k. to use your quote in this connection? Of course your name is mentioned in this work as well. I would like to send you the artwork via mail so you can have a look.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes

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