Hello 2014, aren’t you adorable and new at only 12 days of age?

Greetings to all! Wishing you a Happy and prosperous new year of creative indulgences!
I’ll be updating my website over the next few weeks to include some publication projects i’ve been working on with ESC Zine and also my own book making!
You’ll also see all of my categories of art making getting updated with new projects i’ve just not posted about before….

For the meantime i’d like to post about Postal ESC, the latest project us editors are focusing on at ESC Zine. In November two blank zines were sent to two parts of the world, to the very homes of some of our favourite and respected artists and writers. A list of contributors perhaps about 22 in total will take on this project and make their works directly onto the paper! Every contributor has 10 days to work on their idea for the zine which will then get sent repackaged and sent on to the next contributor. Postal ESC will be visiting the Taiwan, New York, San Francisco, Belgium, UK and Ireland. The progress of the zine is regularly updated on our main site esczine.com and on our Facebook 🙂

Adios amigos! x


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