Anachronism: Drawing Time featured in group exhibition in Crate Space, Margate:

This was a wall-based performance using a graphite pencil and eraser. The performance began with drawing a circle, which will grew larger and looser until the graphite pencil was worn completely. Following this, I began to erase the circle rings until the rubber was also worn to nothing. The process of the piece is meant to symbolize the structure and duration of time. It is important to note that the original tests of Anachronism: Drawing Time were to a time limit of 30min drawing and 30min erasing. On the night of the performance I chose to disregard time constraints to allow the work to gather an uninhibited rhythm. During the performance there was no interaction with time or the public and the labour of the drawing grew to intensities of endurance. The performance lasted at an estimated 140 minutes with no breaks. A work with no time boundaries, I found, resists an end. I found the experience to feel shorter than the accrued time due to the intensity of the action. This sense of time is the closest I have felt to Bergson’s description of duration. This piece was later retitled Drawing Time (Diagram of an eye). 

Shots from Crate Space Installation

The point of the aesthetics of the drawing/erasing was not to be able to map an end or a beginning. From moment to moment the piece changed and the viewer would always return to a new position in its progress. The fallen remnants of the erasure serve to remind us of the process of memory, presentness and the inherent quality of measure in everything we do. Because of the pace and pressure of the graphite running against the wall there was also a rugged, continuous sound from the etching of the circular layers.

Details of remnants after the performance concluded
Photography courtesy of Annie Yang.
For more information on this artist click this link:

Imagery from another performance of the Drawing Time series in East Kent Cultural Conversations at UCA Canterbury, June 2012. The duration of this version of Drawing Time (A Time For Tea) was scheduled as a 20minute performance for the audience.

Photography by Sebastian Kaye.

Currently i’m exploring alternative shapes of the performance/drawing:


Rings (close up before erasure of pencil rings)

Assembled To Rearrange

Planks from a pallet have been used as a canvas for the drawing as a test of fragments to be reassembled by size. The plank panels will be rotated on a daily basis.


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