The Measure of Media

Please see the other pages listed underneath this project title to see the selection of work I have created so far over 2011/12.*


This project concerns the process of day-to-day negotiations of awareness of time. I am concerned with the constant state of flux that we face and the acute moments of sobriety or awareness that emerge from consciousness of time.

Humans by nature are oversaturated with structure, and time is a dimension that justifies our being. From the way we think of time, such as remembering the past or contemplating the future, do we avoid the present? There is an inherent cyclical nature in our capacity to use time. We apply structure to our lives because it is the only response we have that will justify anything we do. Can one shake away the media and methods, away from the material {towards the matter of time} to engage in an abstraction concerning temporality?

We live to forget our mortality.

We live by measurements of time and mapping.


Such excerpts like the one above, Persuasion, have been sorted into an autobiographical section of my notebook work. As time passes i’ll be keeping an eye on how these links between the medium of a newspaper coincide with my minute existence. It is the signs I take from the print that form a basis of predicted and past events (see Text Collage page for more).

Today, Tomorrow And A Half Eaten Ice-Cream

(Poem from a future idea for a book about the characters of Today and Tomorrow)


I keep writing down the phrase ‘The object as a site of measure’ or a variant ‘Sculpture as a form of measure’, in the slideshow below you will see some examples of objects that have had their function/durability extruded.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




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