Duration, time & appreciation

Week two of Dusting off the archives features ‘Duration’ from 2007.

This is the first video piece I concocted for my project at the end of 2nd year. It remains to be quite relevant to society’s treatment of time, technology and convenience. ‘From dust we came  and to the dust we shall return.’ It’s a biblical quote but once you remove the religious background you can adjust it to your own living standards. (I’m agnostic just to get that out of the way.)

I’m inspired to front page this piece because of my recent trip to London/Canterbury. In the Southbank Hayward Gallery where I spent an entire afternoon I was fortunate to happen upon one of the greatest pieces of film montage I have ever seen. ‘The Clock’ was the piece that most struck me. Christian Marclay was the artist and he managed to combine an extensive amount of time related scenes from films of every genre to reflect time precisely; if it was 6.25pm in the film it was also that time in life – beautiful reference to time keepers. The piece spans 24 hours in total. I cannot begin to imagine how long that took to make, 1000’s of clips are combined to make a clock! Given that the duration of ‘The Clock’ lasts a day the Hayward Gallery are opening it up to the public for the whole 24hours. Epic! It’s about everything to do with time, cinema and the greater beyond.

Here’s a link to the page – click me!

Here is a report from BBC:

I also came across a Bill Viola exhibition around the corner from one of my regular London Tea haunts…This is another artwork exploring the impact of time and emotion.Viola seems to have recorded this piece with a high frame rate so when it plays at normal speed it plays slowly and smoothly each frame. It’s quite beautiful to look at.

‘The Quintet of the Unseen’ features five people experienced a wave of emotions, it captures your attention. The slow pace is hypnotic and I found myself surprised to be caught in parts feeling that i’d missed the acting of the other actors.


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