Good Tea-vening to you!


  • ‘Something To Talk About’; some of my recent samples of woodwork/painting have now got their own page.

To view this page look to the right under my pages section, it’s the last page down.

  • There is also some ‘oddio’ available to hear on my ‘oddio’ page – ‘The Spoonwriter’ track is ready for your ears.
  • Also, below is a taster of some sewing sculptures entitled ‘Comfort series’:

If you don’t already know i’m obsessed with tea and i’m trying to get some insight into it. So far my research has brought me back to being a foetus, warm drinks are linked with one’s connection to the womb, your mother. That’s one writer’s opinion. If Freud was here i’m sure he’d agree.

Comfort series (i):

Teabag cushion, a sleeping aid

Dimensions 9 x 13 inches

The series began with a range of smaller sewn lifesize teabag like ‘comforts’ comprised of wadding, muslin and felt with soft rope.

By now I have a collection of twelve smaller teabags growing into larger sizes, the largest being the one above (see measurements above with picture).

As this project is still in a phase of research and some sewing work i’m only scratching the surface.

Stay ‘spooned’.



2 thoughts on “Good Tea-vening to you!

    • Hello Cadi!

      Thanks for the compliments. Sadly I stopped making the teabag cushions a few years ago.
      The project has come to an end. I hope that you come across something similar to fill your home 🙂

      All the best & thanks for looking.

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