Busy, ad nauseum…

Ad nauseum, Stage IIIMy time management has been rather poor as of late. I’ve decided to combat this by moving around my ambitions and not my job, which was the opposite until recently. My work is suffering and if I cannot be productive with my art practice (which needless to say keeps me going) then what is the point of having a full time job? I believe that it’s a question of self-worth in a ridiculous time of ‘financial hardship’  we’re all mean’t to be going through (Retail – sales, we’re down by 3%) which is effectively narrowing my ambitions…. I’m tired of this idea of having to keep a job in order to maintain normality – what does that mean anyway? Most of my artist friends have such a hard time for choosing their practices over jobs, I say fair play to them for exercising volition.

So, shall we say one year on aprés the Camino one shall attempt to prioritise creativity over a  ‘cul de sac’ occupation.

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