Graduate show work

Artist Statement Summary:

  • My artwork examines levels of immersion within moving image installation. I explore the space between the projection, the spectator and the screen.
  • An integral part of my work is the fine line of illusion and reality.
  • The mediums I use are hi8 video, digital video and digital photography. I use these mediums to explore the makings of moving imagery, frame by frame.
  • I attempt to construct absorbing imagery and audio in a space in order to submerge the spectator into a universe of imagery.

This statement summary,full version statement and biography are available as PDFs on the Áine Belton information page. My CV is available on the Curriculum Vitae page.

Each month the highlights of my work are posted on the front of this page. For more information on previous work please click on the monthly pages to your right.

This is a two minute extract of a moving-image installation which was shown in Trevor Scott Hall on March 19th in the ‘Time and Space’ exhibition. The installation consists of a large 10ft by 14ft ceiling projection and underneath is an 8ft by 8ft bed to lie underneath to enjoy. The full version of this video is available in the ‘March – Residue’ page.

Here are some installation shots from standing point:



Ceiling shots from below on mattress:




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