Sample videos

‘Catalyst’ is the latest of the video pieces I have been working on. I combined live footage of a hi8 camera, which has been hooked up to create a recorded live feed, with more projected and transferred imagery of the eye. ‘Catalyst’ marks the finest point of the videos dealing with immersing the spectator into the installation. I have not yet been able to match a resonating soundtrack to the piece. Here is the sample video: ‘Verisimilitude’ marks the end of a two year attempt at finishing the image and reality themed works. By combining the video ‘In/Out’ (2008), ‘Duration’ (2007) and my video piece ‘Disavowal’ which has been re-edited (2009) I have finished a trilogy of pure digital footage based around technology, reliance and absorption of environment. ‘Corner’ This is hi8 footage of a blinking eye which was projected into a corner in my home and photographed the images to make a stop motion animation. I have not yet put the hi8 footage I am recording in to get transferred properly to DVD. The quality of the footage transferrence with digital photography is satisfactory at the moment. I am impressed that the quality of the footage and most of all the colour which I favour over the three chip mini DV cameras.


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