New Proposal: January 5th 2009


Áine Belton


[ disavowal II; verisimilitude ]


Audiovisual installation and performance based work


Disavowal, or the process of denial of association or representation, concerns itself with the moment of illusion. I intend to continue this work on a very direct path which will explore the vacillation of immersion in the experience of the spectator within moving image installation. ‘Disavowal II; Verisimilitude’ concerns itself with the belief, quality and appearance of truth and reality.

The spectator within moving image theory is said to be a ‘space’ which is both ‘productive’ (relating to unconscious fantasy structures) and ’empty’ or open to occupy. In order for this theory to work, a situation or experience must be constructed to allow the immersion to occur. Because of this preceding theory, the spectator is seen to be a ‘double-spectator’ whose division of the self is uncannily like that between conscious and unconscious.[1] Another argument which contradicts the above is Noel Carroll’s theory that the screen is a prosthetic device for vision and that film spectatorship involves ‘disembodied viewpoints’ – that the action space of the screen is phenomenologically disconnected from the space that we exist in. Carroll believes that there is no continuity between the space of the world of narrative and the space occupied by a human being.[2]

My incentive is to create a body of work which will best express the content and aesthetics of my ideas using the mediums of digital video, projections, performance and audio. Areas of my research include authors; Christian Metz for his psychoanalytic film theory, Claire Bishop and her theories on installation art and Guy De Bord’s book ‘Society of the Spectacle’. 





[1] Stam, Robert, New Vocabularies in Film Semiotics: Structuralism, Post-Structuralism and Beyond, London, Routledge Press, 1992

[2] Carroll, Noel, Engaging the Moving Image, London and New Haven, Yale University Press, 2003.

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